Can I do my own credit repair?

Yes. The laws regarding consumer credit repair state that every consumer may conduct their own credit repair. However, the credit professionals at Promerit are able to employ years of experience and industry knowledge to expedite your credit repair. Just as a mechanic would recommend you don’t rebuild your own engine, we advise you to take advantage of our tools, expertise, and systems to restore your credit efficiently and effectively.

What about companies that charge large up front fees? Are they better?

Many companies that charge up front provide unreliable service based on the simple fact that they’ve already accepted payment. These companies will often promise things they cannot deliver, including unrealistic, quick turnarounds. However, effective credit repair is not a task that can completed overnight. That’s why Promerit’s membership and price structure is designed to be economical and realistic, providing you with monthly credit report updates. As Promerit does not require any long term contracts, if at any time you are unsatisfied with our service, you can simply cancel our services.

What is the difference between debt consolidation and credit repair?

First, debt consolidation typically ruins a person’s credit. As you make payments to a debt consolidation company, they, in turn, make partial payments to your original creditors. Debt consolidation companies usually wait 60 to 120 days before making the payments. Even though payments are being received by your creditors, this results in rolling late payments for as long as the individual is making payments to the debt consolidation company. Rolling late payments will ruin your credit! At Promerit Solutions our number one goal is to increase your credit score not hurt it. This is the largest, and main, difference between what we do and what a “debt consolidation” company will do.

How do I know what work Promerit has completed?

While enrolled with Promerit Solutions’ account servicing, you will receive updates every 30-45 days directly from the three Credit Bureaus detailing the credit items Promerit has investigated on your behalf.

When and how do I cancel your services?

Promerit recommends that our customers cancel our services when they receive the approval of their loan, get the credit score they desire, or when all erroneous negative items have been removed. However, as Promerit does not obligate its customers with long-term contracts, you may call and cancel our services at any time.

How long does it normally take?

You will see results from our service in the first month you are enrolled. As each customer’s credit and financial situation is unique, Promerit cannot determine specifically how long it will take to restore your credit to your satisfaction. However, Promerit services an average customer’s account to their satisfaction in approximately 3 to 6 months.